HybridBlock Announces Public Token Sale Date, Sale to Commence on May 23

After a busy few weeks, we are excited to announce the official date of our upcoming Public Token Sale. That date will be May 23, 2018. We are extremely thankful for the community in showing great support, patience, and engagement over the past few weeks.

We have utilized this time to get the product in synch with the targeted sale date to allow the community to understand exactly what it is that we are building. Also, we have toured the globe at some of the leading blockchain events, having extremely valuable conversations with regulators and other blockchain companies.

The feedback we received from all parties, including our legal advisors, over the past few weeks was also an important part of the decision to start the sale in May.

Below are more details. We encourage you to interact with us on Telegram with any questions.

Public Token Sale Details

The public sale will commence on May 23, 2018 through the sale of HybridBlock tokens (HYB) at the sale price of $0.30 USD per token.

Contributions will be accepted using ETH, BTC, or NEO and adjusted for the price of ETH, BTC, or NEO at the time of arrival in the HybridBlock wallet address.

No bonuses will be offered in the public token sale and the minimum contribution is 0.25 ETH. All unsold tokens will be burned upon completion of the public sale.

Token Allocations: Tokens will be allocated in both sales at the following distribution:

53%: Pre-Sale and Open Token Sale
27%: Team and Advisors
20%: Marketing, Bounty and Strategic Partnerships

Restricted Countries: Nationals of the following countries may not participate in the public token sale: United States, Canada, New Zealand, and China.

Whitelist Registration: https://register.hybridblock.io/

Message From The Founders:

“We are very excited to announce the official date to our public sale. The community has patiently waited as we thoroughly processed our pre-sale contributions and built a dedicated system to process public sale contributions, including a simple and effective KYC process. The team has been hard at work on product development, road shows, and community building leading up to the public sale.” — HybridBlock Co-Founder, Rod Jao

“The difficulty in preparing for these large scale institutions and scrutiny requires significant preparation and HybridBlock has been diligently preparing and speaking to regulators on how to best operate in the current arena of crypto assets. We as a company decided to push our token sale back due to several factors, first being that we felt the market at the time was not conducive and we want to ensure that our platform is fully tested and operational before we open ourselves up to the public. Secondly several iterations of our product have been underway. Becoming a major player in the crypto asset exchange arena is not easy, but we believe that we have the tools necessary to adapt, and be that leader.” — HybridBlock Co-Founder, Apolo Ohno


Telegram: https://t.me/HybridBlockHQ
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hybridblockofficial/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HybridBlockHQ
Press Contact: henry@hybridblock.io