HybridCentral: An education system leading to the financial future

Cryptocurrency is the future of the financial world. With the ease of entering into transactions and various other benefits posed by the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology like — transparency, irreversibility, smart contracts etc., it is winning the trust of users. The market is still in its initial stage and growing. The cryptocurrency market is associated with many fluctuations, challenging for a non-expert to predict and relate to a specific event. This arouses the need for an informative and engaging source of education and information catering to all the cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts.

Hybridblock’s HybridCentral is an initiative to address the issues of lack of an informational and educational source in the cryptocurrency space. It is an App based education programme designed to give the knowledge required to manage your portfolio confidently. HybridCentral takes you on a step-by-step journey of the crypto space, led by the greatest minds.

The app provides the fundamental knowledge to the newcomers to space. It also guides you on how to purchase your first cryptocurrency. The app also features hybrid channels, providing a platform for enabling discussions between experts and newcomers. They can share their strategies and get it reviewed by other experts.

HybridAcademy, another feature of the app, contains cryptocurrency and blockchain based training content. It uses BIT-Emodule (BIT-E) education techniques focused on presenting short, simple, and focused lessons. It features mainstream celebrities, recognized blockchain experts and other keynote speakers in short video presentations. An incentivized and gamified learning system based on rewards and achievements linked to successful completion of specific tasks and participation in the community encourages daily participation.

Users can unlock the exclusive premium content by utilizing the HybridBlock token. The content includes expert reviews of the latest Initial Coin Offerings, advanced day-trading methods, exclusive discount offers, etc.

Begin your journey to the financial future. Download the HybridCentral App: Android. Apple.

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