HybridExchange: A fully secured, web-based cryptocurrency exchange

HybridExchange is an intuitive interface that enables users to participate in cryptocurrency markets developed by HybridBlock. After verifying their account, users can fund and manage it. The web-based platform has been devised to interface across multiple partner exchanges. Liquidity at those exchanges can be integrated into HybridBlock’s order books. This ensures that our markets remain competitive and users receive the best possible pricing.

It further assures that our markets remain competitive and consumers receive the best possible pricing. The HybridExchange platform is outlined to provide both smart order routing and order routing to select third-party exchanges to offer as much flexibility to users as possible.

Our exchange platform will provide both smart order routing and order routing to select third-party exchanges to offer maximum possible flexibility to users. The platform is designed considering the casual or intermediate users.

Dashboard Features

One can minimize the dashboard features of the HybridExchange platform by his/her personal needs. It will feature a built-in functionality for advanced users. However, the platform can be customised to simplify the use for users who do not require advanced features.

Trade Center

HybridExchange users can place market and limit order via platform’s trade centre. The basic features that will be supported at launch are Buy and Sell orders; We expect to offer advanced
 order types in the future.

Order Book

With an easy to follow format and customizable views, the order book feature will exhibit you the depth of the market offers and bids. Order books can be displayed for each currency pair offered on HybridBlock’s platform, with or without smart order routing.


This feature will present candlestick chart analysis of your digital assets and can be set at varying time intervals. From a full day, full week or an entire month to intervals ranging from a minute to an hour.

Position Summary

Position summary enables users to have the ability to see performance information for their open trading positions, including unrealized profit and/or loss.

HybridExchange addresses all the issues relating to speed, order transparency and liquidity. The platform is launching this June.

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