HybridTerminal: A cryptocurrency-centred, standalone terminal

HybridTerminal is the world’s first standalone terminal specialising in cryptocurrency trading. Institutions and professionals can access the direct access platform with direct routing to all the major destinations, and advanced low latency execution with optimised Level II quote messaging system. Executions window to see the margin requirements if any on open orders and trades in each underlying cryptocurrency.

All trades are broken down by individual fill. Traders get real-time quote feeds from all the major exchanges and an in-depth look at liquidity at every price level on our platform. Aggregated Level II allows you to see the buyers and sellers of a cryptocurrency without having to pull up separate quotes from different exchanges. Everything is organised under one symbol. Bitcoin BTC. Ethereum ETH for example rather than having ETH-Kraken: USD being a separate symbol from ETH-Bitfinex: USD.

HybridTerminal offers the following features

HybridTerminal features transparent quote. Additionally, the routing configurations allow everyone to see the same data at the same time, impartial to preferencing that typically arises if all data relied on a web-based exchange or market vendor. The platform is Windows-based, hence, supporting with the stability and speed needed
 to process data in real time with minimal user input latency and can avoid the overall lag that is commonly seen from web-based exchanges and trading systems.

Intraday charting feature on HybridTerminal allows full control of technical analysis and the ability to fully customise the charting experience all in real time with a minimised delay from the quote vendor. Customized Order Routing is a revolutionary routing system that allows for the trader to set customised orders directly with the route venue while giving full control to smart routing options for traders seeking to use our technology to access the best market prices.

Customized layouts allow the trader to save and configure multiple personalised screen layouts. The layouts can pan across four monitors with minimal lag issues that arise with web-based applications. The only limitations would be the trader’s PC configurations of available memory and CPU speed. Order routing gives full control to the destinations of every order and to set customised orders directly with the route venue if such option is available.

HybridTerminal also features Advanced crypto trading strategies such as advanced stops, Tick by tick time and sales, etc. The platform allows you to configure up to 20 personalised screen layouts. Each layout can stretch across four monitors, and you can switch between layouts with the click of a button. You can easily route your orders directly to the major market centres, exchanges and ATS. Customization of hotkeys for fast trigger orders is also possible.

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