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Every year we get a new major iOS version to test our apps on. The lucky ones can immediately upgrade to the newest Xcode 12, building against the latest iOS 14 SDK. Some other, larger projects can take a while to get upgraded. Those projects have to be built with Xcode 11 in the meantime. But even though those apps can’t be upgraded yet, they are still expected to work well on the newest iOS. And solving problems and bugs requires debugging.

I recently faced a rare camera bug that only reproduced…

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This is my curated collection of essential links useful for building a well-rounded website, regardless of the stack.

I first learned the basics of web development in the 2000s. Since then, I have contributed to web applications code in my corporate jobs and worked with HTML&CSS in the context of ebooks. However the first real website I made and published from scratch was the first version of my personal site that I built two years ago. It was a single index.html with a static layout and very little content. …

All you need to know about testing throwing functions with XCTest and keeping test code clean & robust in the process.

How many times have you had to take over a project where there were unit tests, but they were hard to grasp, desperately failing, or the test target wouldn’t even build?

It is crucial to keep unit test code robust and maintainable, not to let them get abandoned and ignored over time.

At Storytel we try to make our unit tests short and readable. Due to its nature test code tends to grow long and repetitive, so it’s important to keep it clean, then working with tests doesn’t become too tedious as the project grows.

Code that throws can be…

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