At the risk of sounding like a liberal elitist (which, I admit, I probably am), I think the…
Dan Levinson

Thanks for the well-written reply. Seriously.

There’s nothing wrong with being elitist per se. This is how one becomes President, or wins Nobel prizes (perhaps not the Peace Prize…), or becomes a successful heart surgeon. Or a billionaire Real Estate mogul (honestly, how many of us could make that claim?)

A couple of points:

If, as you say, 70% of Americans are Christian, there is at least some basis for the claim that it is a Christian nation. I think that we could both be concerned about the power and influence of the fundamentalist Christians, though.

Congress is certainly obstructionist. They do behave like a group of donkeys, if you excuse the pun, and the use of the wrong animal.

It is certainly a mess, which is what has led to this present situation.

Here’s the real point, though. Everybody has to get together to prevent a once great nation from sliding into mediocrity. The nation that landed men on the moon and developed the modern high tech world should not be decaying and back-tracking the way it is. Both political parties are responsible for this.

Anti-science abounds in all parts of America. The fundamentalists are anti-evolution, despite the best scientific evidence. So-called “liberals” are pro-global-warming, again against the best scientific evidence. STEM education is a shambles, and young men and women succeed in it despite the system rather than because of it.

Quoting Mencken:

“Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”

I am curious, though: why not Rand Paul instead of Kasich?

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