If we get to make a graphic creation freely without caring about problem resolution or user experience, I feel like it doesn’t matter whether a means itself becomes a purpose as long as the creation looks visually nice. As for me, this is one of what graphic design should be, which is just aimed to be fused with the means such as programming, 3DCG, videography, illustration, photography, and web. So I’m going to introduce one by one.

with Programming: Digital Choc (2016)

Design, Programming: me

This graphic flyer has two major elements background pattern and typography which are adopted a bumpy distorted texture made by…

I’ve been making a lot of portfolio websites as one of the web designers and also the friend/partner of my creator clients. This story is not design tips but just my principles for portfolio index. To talk about how I’ve organized the index page of portfolio websites and what I think of the sense of index design, here are the elemental three major theories.

I. Subjective view to reflect the creators’ characteristics and their styles
II. Objective view to evaluate the creators’ works as a piece of material
III. Time view to manage how often the creators update website


David OReilly, an Irish artist, filmmaker, and game developer, recently declared he would never upload anymore on Vimeo. No one might figure out the reason, and maybe not because of frustration. However, I do have been frustrated with Vimeo despite my love for it. Not only me but many people still complain about Vimeo’s streaming speed that is main. Aside from the speed, I want to share the reform proposal for Vimeo. Some seem jokes but some should be critical pointing.

💘 Creator oriented

The name “Vimeo” means a play on the words video and me. Essentially, every single video on Vimeo…

I’ve mentioned an influential K-POP creative director Min Heejin, and few creators associated with her as well. (If you haven’t already read it, click the link below.)

However, it doesn’t mean to be enough. While creative directors are the most influential decision-makers, there are actually a bunch of talented film directors, graphic designers, developers as well. That’s how the K-POP industry works. Therefore, here is the prominent Korean creators I found as just one of K-POP fans or a foreign designer in Japan.

Sparks Edition

Design studio based in Seoul

We’re always surrounded by various aspect ratios on screens. This is my consideration that is not based on specific human-engineering stuff or science views. Or rather, it’s close to strange rumors like the Golden Ratio.

Effective aspect ratio techniques on screens

Avant-title, Kill la Kill episode 3

Kill la Kill, Japanese TV animation in 2013, made use of change the scene aspect ratio from 16:9 to 4:3 for depicting as flashbacks. Of cause, it also had a change in Hue and scan lines, but it was just slight.

Typically, sepia and fractal noise effect have been very famous means for flashbacks. I’m not sure what inspired the director of Kill la Kill

Min Heejin, the pioneer creative director in K-POP gigantic company, has been creating lots of influential art pieces. (If you haven’t already read the previous story, click the link below.) Now, who has taken over the aesthetic after she left, and how they have changed? Observing NCT’s recent year works can be clues of their future.

The youngest group NCT’s works that Min Heejin didn’t always direct

The youngest group NCT is a little bit different from other seniors. The concept is that they’re a group of infinite members who are constantly shifting into different sub-units in different cities around the world. SM has intentionally tried to expand its market to…

When we talk about the creations or design of K-POP, we probably can’t miss the significant name Min Heejin. I want to let you know about her works, my favorite ones, and some tendencies of K-POP’s creations compared to the Japanese musical market from a designer’s perspective.

* All of the quotes of her interview comment are translated from Korean t …


is a graphic designer, web designer, and programmer based in Tokyo. Works: https://behance.net/hydekick

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