Guilty Area Woman Orders Pret Food For Take-Away But Eats In

Pret A Manger, Soho, Tuesday 15th August

London, UK At 1:45pm today at Pret A Manger in Soho, a local woman entered the healthy fast-food establishment to purchase lunch for take away, only to consume the food within the confines of the premises.

The woman (who asked not to be named for fear of persecution) declared she had never intended to deceive the cashier when approaching the counter, but was prompted on discovering the VAT taxation a sit-in order would include.

Witnesses verified that the woman in question left the counter with her purchase to sit at the back of the shop in order to be out of eyeshot of the Pret A Manger staff. It has been confirmed that the woman ate her order of a falafel wrap and soya Earl Grey tea in their entirety, and discarded the paper take-away bag and disposable cup in the organic bin provided.