I dated a famous YouTuber to get a free trip to Buenos Aires

Me and Dustin in Sky Garden

(Hey, there ain’t no shame in my game.)

Dustin Luke, a North American YouTuber who claimed celebrity status in Argentina for a viral video, has paired up with Norwegian Airlines for his latest video in order to find a date to take around his city, Buenos Aires.

Dustin set out to choose 3 women from 3 different cities: London, Madrid and Barcelona, who will first take him on a date to show him around their city.

Lucky me, I was selected to be the ‘chica de Londres’, and had a fun day out taking Dustin to my favourite hangout spots, drinking cocktails, and pointing out bits of street art I know literally nothing about.

Because #DemocracyRules, Dustin has left it to the people to decide which gal gets to go to Buenos Aires by commenting on his video with their favourite chica.

Now, I’m not saying you have to choose me (I totally am), you’re completely free to choose whichever woman you liked best (me, pick me), because we all equally deserve the chance to go to Argentina (I’m literally obsessed with Latin America QUIERO IR A BUENOS AIRES AHORRAAAA!!).

Video below. Don’t forget to comment on the video in his channel! ;)