Megyn Kelly, Fox News and the Curse of Me…
Glenn Beck

Nice work Glenn, of course 90% of the comments missed your sly wit. Tonight Megyn even let the Debbie Wasserman Shultz lie about Trump without blinking (she hid the smirk pretty well). She had been one of the fresh voices in news and held everyone who appeared on her show accountable to the truth. Since Trump embarrassed her (which he should not have done) and she felt left on her own by Fox she has not been the same. She has as you allude to , allowed her show to be the TMZ against Trump. She has the reporter who said she was pulled to the ground on her show even when she had seen video shot by a local reporter streaming live over the internet showing the reporter 2o minutes later talking to Ben… not right away…. and showed Ben cut off the campaign manager so the reporter he is dating… who was told by the secret service to stand right in front of this reporter… 20 feet and on the opposite side of where she and Ben came from to get to Trump. Ben called her up. Bet this footage is what the DA saw and gave up the case. Megyn saw it and ignored it, rather than showing it with her there. It showed how the story the reporter told was a lie in at least 4 places, only one of them her saying she was taken to the ground….. nope…. Ben by the way was talking to the campaign manager all the way until Trump left the room… He was not close to his girlfriend right after it happened… It didn’t fit her agenda to break that story. She buried it.

She is either headed to CNN or trying to get away from hard news. Last night her shows was ancient clips of old news. She had a college kid wrongly accused of Rape but didn’t even bother to get comments from the girl who says she was not raped or from the college that has banned the man based on her roommates 2nds hand report… just the sensational lawyer and kid… wow. Fear she is following the Kiran Gentry model Quality reporter goes for the money and prestige of joining the other mouthpieces who make no claim to be fair… your piece is on target… of course most aren’t seeing the truth you speak.

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