we test the world’s first pool for mining on masternode , and each of masternode own domain! and that’s not all! we have 10,000 HORA coin frozen for 1 year and bought a domain, and 10,000 coins burned. only have 120,000 coins to start. income the first year will be from 100–200% approximately, as the coins in the network is very small to run and they are not enough for all.

next week will START MN ! waiting our new post with manul!

Good news! Hydnora coin started 12.08.2019 STAKE POS jn the mobile!

Hydnora (HORA) coin crypto — POS mining is started on your phone! you just need to create a wallet in a telegram and put at least 30 thousand coins on the account! and then you will receive a passive income every 3 hours to you will go payments from 100–250% per annum! you can mine directly on the wallet from the pool! the greater the amount the more income goes!

our exchanges: SAFE.TRADE and CryptoBridge all pairs


pool for masternodes ready! and started in september 2019.

ATTENTION! HYDNORA COIN — we have launched a new wallet with instant transactions and a check with bar codes! 21.07.2019

already today you can get discounts in our partner stores up to 30% , and every day we add new stores around the world! for investots good news!

And for the first 20 new partners we add free of charge to our website and our services!

HYDNORA COIN — is a new cryptocurrency created for the community on its blockchain, based on Ethereum, which combines POW and nodes to protect the network from hacking, with a limited release, as well as POS (casper) in the future with the main task: creation of bonus system of discounts…

hydnora hydnora

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