I’m super confused.
Sacha Greif

Wow, sarcasm!

I’ll try to explain it as slowly as I can, I’ll even do it in points:

  1. You’ve created a poll to compare between JS Frameworks.
  2. In all your promotions to the poll you’ve wrote mainly (only) on React, meaning you are sending your readers to a poll with an already biased data.
  3. You’ve shared the poll to and through React users (almost only, look in the Angular, Ember, Vue, Aurelia communities, most of them never heard of the poll).
  4. Wes Bos, which is a great guy is also mainly active in the React front, and the crowd he will bring will probably vote React.

You probably never learned statistics, but when you want to get valid data, you need to make sure that the group of subjects are varied. Meaning when 8,000 of the response came from #React in twitter, you probably got “React” as the main answer.

Again, like asking in a Knicks conference who’s the best basketball team.