#4 The One Of Little Words | The Handsome Giant

Name: Hanif Ibrahim

We call him: Anip

Origin: Kedah

Jersey Number: 14

Position In Hydra’s: Vice Captain

Clubs You Played For: Previously Vipers, now Hydra’s Crusaders

What are you studying: Bachelor of Physiotherapy

How did you get into Dodgeball: I started playing dodgeball to fill my boredom, as I learnt how to play the sport properly, I continued to play and represented my college’s team. Now, I represent Hydra’s Crusaders.

How long have you been playing Dodgeball: Around 2 years now

How many times have you been headshot at: So many times.. Probably more than 50 times hahah

How do you prepare for a game: Try to relax. I prepare myself mentally and physically, I think positive as well as think about how to win the game

Personal goals in dodgeball: I want to be the best player and to be chosen to represent the National team. I want to strive for success with my team mates as much as possible.

Best Dodgeball memory: The first time I got shot in the face hahaha!

Advice to new players: Don’t be afraid to try this game. Initially you’ll feel really terrified but you’ll get used to it once you have fun. And most importantly, enjoy yourself.


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