15. The Workers Need — Help in Daily Living

The Sower (in the evening) Van Gogh

Today’s reading: “The Ministry of Healing” pp. 469, 470.

The book opens with reference to the need of all mankind:

Our Lord Jesus Christ came to this world as the unwearied servant of man’s necessity.

Remembering that Ellen wrote for the general public, naturally their needs come first. However the chapter’s title “Our Example”, is a challenge for those of us who have had our “need” met to actually follow Christ in meeting the need of our neighbours.

This week we begin to read the innocuously titled Chapter 40, “Help in Daily Living”. This is a powerhouse of help for what we, as workers, really need.

Key Words

  • Character
  • Experience
  • Influence
  • Eloquence

In “A Higher Experience” we learned that, “Every day we may advance in perfection of Christian character.” (p. 503)

Last week in “Our Example” we learned that, “It was His mission to bring to men complete restoration; He came to give them health and peace and perfection of character.” (p. 17)

And we saw how “He sought to inspire with hope the roughest and most unpromising, setting before them the assurance that they might become blameless and harmless, attaining such a character as would make them manifest as the children of God.”(p. 26)

We saw yesterday that the transformation from rough, unpromising sinner to powerful missionary takes only a few minutes when accompanied by Christ’s eloquent words and eloquent life. (p. 27,28)

This week we will feel “the power of His grace manifested in the transformation of character” p.470. We will go into details of how that character is “attained”. This is quite a road trip with Christ.

Let’s go… you can win!


  • As a church, we are good with “words”, preaching, broadcasting and publishing. How much influence is it having on our skeptical world? What would give it more influence? (Do we, as health evangelists, have anything to do with this?)
  • What characteristics of Christ gave His words “convincing power”?
  • What determines our influence?
  • What convinces others of the power of Christ’s grace?
  • What is the ONLY method of influencing skeptics?
  • How can we save sinners?
  • What is the badge of Christianity?
  • How is the world to be convinced Jesus is Redeemer?
  • What is the most powerful influence? Satan uses force, God never does. Do you think that influence is God’s strongest tactical response?
  • What is the strongest argument for Christianity?
  • Is “perfection of Christian character” the same thing as an unselfish, loving and lovable Christian?

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