167. Wine, Beer and Cider

Today’s reading: “The Ministry of Healing” pp. 330c–333a.

Intoxication is just as really produced by wine, beer, and cider as by stronger drinks… Moderate drinking is the school in which men are educated for the drunkard’s career. Yet so insidious is the work of these milder stimulants that the highway to drunkenness is entered before the victim suspects his danger.

Despite the fact that alcohol is a sedative, not a stimulant, Ellen’s principle is that the “milder” alcoholic drinks will only lead to stronger drinks. And they cause enough problems by themselves,

  • agitation
  • mental instability
  • unbalanced thinking

Which eventually lead to

  • sacrifice of every principle
  • breaking of even the strongest resolution
  • overriding even the highest consideration.

Besides, cider was often produced from rotten fruit.

And the stronger drink,

No argument is needed to show the evil effects of intoxicants on the drunkard. The bleared, besotted wrecks of humanity — souls for whom Christ died, and over whom angels weep — are everywhere. They are a blot on our boasted civilization.

They are especially a “blot” on their family, alchol abuse is strongly linked to,

No-one needs alcohol, maybe its time to just leave it alone.

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