180. The Builders of the Home

Today’s reading: “The Ministry of Healing” pp. 356, 358.

It is so pleasant to read about “marriage” without the whole ugly “marriage equality” debate swirling around us, as it is here in Australia. Let’s move on to something more uplifting… and stay there!

Christ on marriage:

  • He sanctioned it
  • He established it
  • He ordained it
  • He honoured it, using marriage as an illustration of His union to the church
  • His love for the church is the measure of how a man should love his wife.
The family tie is the closest, the most tender and sacred, of any on earth. It was designed to be a blessing to mankind.

And marriage will be a blessing when it is entered,

  • intelligently
  • in the fear of God
  • with due consideration of its responsibilities.
  • with consideration of the character and influence of their home
  • realising their child’s well-being, happiness and salvation, the physical and moral shape of their children, depends largely on them
  • realising that society is influenced by the character of their home
  • realising their home should bless others and honour God.

How to choose a “life companion”:

  1. Don’t be hasty,
  2. Check for physical health, i.e. good health, about the same age, not old
  3. Check for mental health, i.e. has some “life experience,” some maturity,
  4. Check for spiritual health, i.e. Christ reigns, they receive their love from Him, they love God supremely and their neighbour as themselves.

Deep, true, unselfish, pure and holy affection is NOT a feeling, it is a principle that comes only from Christ.

Those who are actuated by true love are neither unreasonable nor blind.

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