19. Humble Worker for God

Today’s reading: pp. 477, 478.

Angels of God stand by his side

Two days ago we saw that Moses learned “faith and meekness, patience, humility and self-forgetfulness. Today we continue that theme with the emphasis on humility.

Also from two days ago we are told to “do the duty that lies nearest”. The lesson is repeated today.

Key Words

  • Humility
  • work / worker
  • character


  • How are humility and wisdom related?
  • How can you ensure you are needed and valued?
  • What principle applies to those who feel qualified for a higher position?
  • What happens to “those who perform faithfully their appointed work day by day?
  • Who inspects our work? For what purpose?
  • Character and motive are the basis of how great we are, what are the two given alternate definitions of these terms? What are the 3 listed components of greatness.
  • Does Christ say it is wrong to want to be great? Describe what it is to be great in God’s kingdom.
  • How do we go about being trusted and honoured of God?

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