24. The Greatest Manifestation of Power

Today’s reading: pp. 36, 37.

The kingdom of God comes not with outward show

Yesterday we learned that the evidence of Jesus’ divinity “was seen in His ministry to the needs of suffering humanity. His glory was shown in His condescension to our low estate.” Today we will see that evidence more clearly but before we do, ask yourself:

  • Why is Christ’s condescension so glorious?
  • Why is meeting our needs evidence of that Jesus is divine? Is “meeting needs” evidence of our relationship with Jesus? (p. 470)

Key Words

  • Character
  • Love


  • How (“in what manner”) is Christ’s kingdom established by “mercy and self-sacrifice”?
  • This kingdom isn't so much about numbers and force but gentleness and fellowship of the the soul. What areas are mentioned here? Is this an inward or outward kingdom? Where do we usually look for “kingdom growth”?
  • Perfection of the character of Christ is the third part of Christ’s restoration mission (p 17). How does this show the power of Christ more than healing the sick and casting out demons?
  • Character is the fruit of what?
  • What is the treasure of Christ’s kingdom?
  • What are we to do with “the hoarded love of eternity”?
  • What 3 ways are listed on how we can “receive” this love? (look in the second last paragraph on p. 37). How is this love revealed? (same paragraph)
  • How do we impart this love?

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