42. Singleness of Purpose

Today’s reading: p. 502.

This is the position of the true child of God — willing to go where duty calls…

The next chapter, if we were reading the book normally, is about “A Higher Experience”. Before we can have that experience we must make the same commitment that Christ made.

We have been warned:

Christian life is more than many take it to be. It does not consist wholly in gentleness, patience, meekness, and kindliness. p. 497

But were you expecting what we read today?

  • Devotion
  • Self-denial
  • Sacrifice
  • Subjection
  • Toil
  • Hardship
  • Duty

That’s a pretty high bar! But it goes higher…

We can tell if Jesus really is our Saviour by whether we

  • Long to, and count it a privilege to serve God,
  • Are motivated by boundless love and adoring gratitude to devote our abilities to God,
  • Long to show love for Christ and those He purchased,
  • Covet toil, hardship and sacrifice,
  • Do our best to glorify our Master,
  • Do right to respect God,
  • Develop our full potential,

But the “single purpose” from today’s heading is:

  • Our one desire is that Christ receives homage and perfect service.

Let’s remember what we read last week:

If as workers for Christ you feel that you have had greater cares and trials than have fallen to the lot of others, remember that for you there is a peace unknown to those who shun these burdens. There is comfort and joy in the service of Christ. Let the world see that life with Him is no failure. pp. 487, 488.

We have finished with our swapping back and forth. Next week we look at chapter 4, A Touch of Faith, then read straight on through the book.

The reason I have read the beginning and the end of the book together is that when I first did it this way several years ago, it thoroughly changed the way I thought about what the “the Ministry of Healing” actually is .

I hope you have learned that Christ is really offering you a higher experience, in fact the same experience He had during His ministry.

I pray that your “one desire will be that Christ may receive homage and perfect service.”

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