49. You Will Find Rest

Today’s reading: “The Ministry of Healing” pp. 71, 72.

He is watching over you, trembling child of God

Promises, paragraph after paragraph, verse after verse, round out this chapter. I've underlined my favourites, please do yours.

The oblique reference to 1 Peter 5:7, is particularly precious to me.

So is the fact that the weaker I am, the stronger He makes me, the heavier the burden, the better the rest when He carries it.

As we end this chapter, let’s look at the journey a reader would have taken to this point.

They would have seen in Chapter:

  1. Hope: Jesus as their restorer, who “passed no human being as worthless”p. 25. Who “sought to inspire with hope the roughest and most unpromising…” p. 26. As the One (p. 28), the Messiah of the despised.
  2. Courage: the timid crowd who came to the healing evening, John’s disciples and the mothers all find Christ quietly dispelling darkness and endowing “the hoarded love of eternity” (p. 37). They will need courage because by the end of the chapter it is clear that transformation to a Christlike character (pp. 36,37) is so we can bring our means, time and ability (p.49) to Him, so we can then serve the people as He did (pp. 49, 37).
  3. Power: from communion with the Father, like Christ we will receive a power that will reach hearts (p. 58)
  4. Rest in Christ (Faith): in this chapter, the woman with the issue, the centurion, the leper all show that faith in Christ alone, allows Him to lovingly, lift our burdens (especially the burden of sin), heal our soul (next week) so we exclaim,
I will trust Him: for He gave His life for me.

To me that sounds like a commitment to Christ.

This is all wonderful but next week it steps up another notch! See you then.

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