87. Co-workers with Him

Today’s reading: “The Ministry of Healing” pp. 159, 160.

Constantly reveal the sweetness of His character.

Key Words

  • Reveal
  • Work
  • Co-workers, co-operate
  • Everyone

What a reading!

To everyone…

Dear reader these two pages, a foretaste of the last chapter of the book, these pages are to you. Somehow you ended up reading these pages of an old book and mysteriously your name is on it.

Hopefully, you have already read from the start of the chapter but basically the chapter is addressed to medical missionaries and tells them how to work.

It also says,

To everyone who becomes a partaker of His grace the Lord appoints a work for others.

… that includes you.

Every promise, every mind-opening thought is yours!

So to summarise: if we work the way Jesus worked there will be “measureless results” in the world and in us.

Things as simple as speaking encouragingly, cheerfully, will mean you are recognised by angels and even more amazingly, Christ will regard them as spoken to Him! (forgive the exclamation mark but imagine if some great person (you take your pick) heard you say something wonderful and wrote it down as an inspiration in tough times. Imagine if they wrote and thanked you for your wisdom and love, you would be so proud of your “accomplishment”, and rightly so, but this is Christ… Amazing)

The Saviour recognises the words as spoken to Him because His big aim has been to give all of us a sense of “divine brotherhood”.

Brotherhood — A friendship unlike any other, built on respect and love, will always have each other’s back. Urban Dictionary.

Our Brotherhood is around our big brother, Jesus. So “be co-workers with Him” by revealing the attitudes “that reigns in heaven.” This is the subject of the next chapter.

That looks like words and actions that “constantly reveal”,

  • the sweetness of His character
  • the overflowing treasure-chests of His love in word and practice.

Father, Son and angels are “waiting”, did you get that, they are waiting to co-operate with you in divine brotherhood.

Do you want that? Here’s how to go about it,

  1. Offer yourself, body, soul and spirit, to the Lord for service, withhold nothing.
  2. Put self aside, live wholly dedicated to God
  3. Make room for the Holy Spirit, i.e. get yourself out of His way — your erroneous, preconceived opinions, your character defects, your weak faith.

Then just watch the desert bloom,

  1. Christ will give you the breath of His own Spirit, the life of His own life
  2. The Holy Spirit works His highest power in your mind and heart.
  3. God will do great things for you. He will work on your mind so that your life will reveal the God’s own excellency, His healing power, His joy. Simply, you reveal His character (that’s restoration)
  4. You are united with the Divine, a co-worker with Christ

You will have,

  • Unlimited usefulness
  • Constant power — physical, mental and spiritual
  • Inexhaustible supplies of heaven

And the results,

  • Impossible victories
  • Measureless results
  • the whole world will see what you can become, what you can do for the salvation of others
  • your deeds will be spoken of through eternity
  • you will trust and connect with your brothers and sisters, even the tempted

Is that really what God wants for you?

Get your Bible out. Read Isaiah 35, the whole chapter. Then claim those promises… they are to you.

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