1. A Higher Experience

Much higher, deeper, broader…

So we start our journey with the end in mind. In fact we start at the very last chapter of our book “Ministry of Healing”. In a few weeks you will understand why.

For now just read pages 503, 504 of “A Higher Experience”. Two pages of print a day will get us through the chapter this week.

Key Words

There are a few things to look out for as you read, and I want your comments on them. We are looking for key words:

  • Mission and purpose
  • Needs and restore
  • Perfection of character


  1. What are the two practical steps we can take to get to a higher experience? The rest of the chapter is just an illustration of these two steps.
  2. Do you want a higher experience? How about high and holy attainments? What are these attainments?


One more point before we set off; look up every verse Ellen refers to in your own modern Bible version. It will really add an extra dimension to your understanding, so tell us all about your favourite verse from each day’s reading.

If there is no reference given, (for instance “follow on to know the Lord” p. 503, is from Hosea 6:3) use a concordance or your favourite online Bible search tool (I use the Blue Letter Bible). Then tell us all about these hidden verses.

Let me know your thoughts on the keywords and the questions. It is easy to comment. It will be fun seeing what you all think.

Happy reading.

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