6. In Christ Jesus

We have only to ask.

We have finished our first chapter together (I hope it isn't the last! he, he!), the reading today is pp 514–516.


  • Character
  • Nothing
  • Fruit


Summarise in one sentence, how we get “the higher experience”.


“Free in Christ.” What does it mean? What does it look like in practice?

Once again the emphasis is on asking God for power and wisdom (as asked for on pp. 511,512.) This time, the emphasis is on?

What are we to meditate on? How could this be done? Why would this lead to learning and doing the “impossible”?

What, in this week’s reading, shows us how to “abide in Christ”?

What is indicated by the promises chosen from Revelation 2 & 3?

The last 3 words of a book often encapsulate something important to the author and her intent for the book. Ellen’s last three words in “The Ministry of Healing” are “rise above them”. What does this say about the book and its intent?

But combine “rise above (mistakes and failures of the past)” with the actual last words you have:

Rise above them in Christ Jesus.

Enough said.

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