incredible top

I see a great deal of remarks saying the top releases, mine actually does not spill. I have had a similar top since December 2018 and I haven’t had a solitary issue with it spilling, I can lay my hydroflask down in the seat of my vehicle, on my bed or in my lap and I haven’t had any spilling. I would suggest this top.

Cherish it for me. Less for the children.

Love our Hydro Flasks! The straw is advantageous and well made…if you can fight the temptation to nibble the straw. Sadly my children can’t. On the bundling it says “hard elastic to withstand nibble denotes” this is false. My 1 and multi year olds have nibbled through 2 each. The entire straw part ought to be made of the hard plastic as it were. I would not like to spend another $15 on new ones so I just ripped off the culpable elastic. Works the equivalent!


Savor it.

Our strong Wide Mouth Straw Lid gives you a chance to add immaculate tasting to all your open air experiences. It works with all Wide Mouth containers and, gratitude to the helpful finger circle, you can cut your most loved Hydro Flask to your pack. The Straw Lid comes in four hues, so you can blend and match to make something that is as one of a kind as your next experience.

If it’s not too much trouble note that the Wide Mouth Straw Lid isn’t sealed and isn’t planned for use with hot fluids.

Item Benefits

Perfect with all Wide Mouth bottles

Advantageous finger circle for simple conveying

Tough elastic straw for quicker stream

Dishwasher safe


Lifetime Warranty