Bathmate Hydromax X30 Pump Review

I ordered the hydromax x30 a few months ago and I literally received it like 2 days later. It doesn’t require and assembly, other than putting the rubber bottom on (takes 5 seconds), and does not require any batteries or other parts. Shipping was discreet, and there was no mention of what was in the box so that my friendly FedEx guy knew that I just ordered a penis pump.

The first time I used it I have to admit it seemed a little too complicated. I had a hard time getting the water to stay in when I was standing in the shower. You see, you have to fill it up with water (all the way to the top) and then insert your penis into the device. This requires that you tilt it upward, but as you do that, the water spills out! “What a pain in the ass!”, I thought. Then I realized something… this would probably be much easier if I was just sitting immersed in the tub. So, I filled the tub up with warm water, sat down, and went to work. I definitely recommend that you use the Hydromax X30 while sitting in the tub, to prevent this complication.
So, as I am sitting in the tub, I simply “pushed” the device down against my pelvis and could immediately feel the vacuum doing its thing. Mind you, it felt a little uncomfortable at first, as this was the first time I actually used a water penis pump. It felt as if my penis was being stretched (no surprise there), but I just sat there and let it do its thing. After a few minutes I stood up and pressed the relief valve at the top and it squirted the water out of the device.
I sat back down in the tub and repeated the process a few more times, just to get the hang of it. It’s actually really easy to use now, but I must admit that I wish
I bought the shower strap so that I could take a shower while wearing the thing. Since I don’t have the strap, I find myself holding the thing in one hand while my other hand is washing my hair or scrubbing with soap.
So, Did You Gain Permanent Size With The Hydromax X30 Pump?
So… I’m guessing the million dollar question on everyone’s mind is “did it increase your penis size?” Well, it did, but initially it only seemed to do so temporarily. For instance, I measured up at 7.5 inches in length, and 4.5 inches in girth before the initial test. After repeating this process for a few weeks, I noticed a gain of just under 1/4 “, which was pretty cool. But, I decided to take a “cooling off” period for a week to see if those gains would stay, and wouldn’t you know it, I actually went back to my original size.
I decided to get back on the wagon and try it out for a full month, and used the bathmate pump for a full month, and at the end of the month I saw a gain of 1/2 inch in length and just less than 1/4 inch in girth. I stopped using it and again saw a decrease in size.
Personally, I think I am tapped out in the size department. As you may already know, I have successfully used 100’s of male enhancement products over the years, and as a result have gained close to 3 inches in length and 2 inches in girth. The bottom line is, there is only SO MUCH you can grow, and I think I have hit my peak.
For someone who has never used any of these products (or a very limited amount), I think there is a VERY GOOD chance you will see much better results with the Hydromax X30 pump. It has a major benefit over extenders in the fact that it only takes about 10–15 minutes a day to use. Extenders have to be worn for 6–8 hours a day, and are not very convenient for a lot of guys.
So do I recommend the Hydromax X30 pump?
I think it has major potential, and there are thousands of guys on the internet that attest to the products effectiveness, complete with before and after photos and REAL testimonials. It is cheaper than many of the other methods out there, and can actually be quite fun to use! But, if your looking for permanent gains I think there are better methods out there.
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