Ether Contracts are back!

HydroMiner Newsletter 11/6/2018

Dear Community,

We are happy to inform you that the H3O presale is going strong and is receiving huge interest from all over the globe!

Ether Contracts are back in stock

Ether and Ether Classic contracts for H2O token holders will be back in stock by tomorrow, June 12th, 2018 at 14:00 am UTC. HydroMiner will increase mining capacity continuously. In order to start a 2-year mining contract, please send your H2O tokens to the mining portal.

bitcoinClean contracts

In addition, HydroMiner will offer bitcoinClean contracts to H2O holders for the first time.

PLEASE NOTE: Before sending your tokens, please confirm your favourite currency to mine is in stock. Once you send your H2O tokens, you can only redeem them for mining and cannot swap them to H3O later. In order to swap your tokens, please hold them in your wallet until the main sale is live. You will then be able to convert them, starting from 1 H2O, to an exchange rate of 1 H2O : 50 H3O. Main sale will be live after the presale has ended on July 31st and after the capital market prospectus is approved.

What is bitcoinClean?

bitcoinClean is the first eco-friendly currency solely mineable with renewable energy. Through a peer-to-peer verification system, the protocol ensures the use of sustainable energy sources. The bitcoin hardfork is currently trading on 
Vote for bitcoinClean’s integration as a crowd-favourite token on Cobinhood exchange now!

All the best

HydroMiner Team