H3O UPDATE 2/1/2019

When will H3O be issued?
We have good and bad news.
The good news: We are currently in the middle of negotiations with investors, who plan to invest in HydroMiner presumably via a capital stockincrease of HydroMiner. All options are still on the table.
The bad news: Since we started negotiations with these investors, we are currently not able to start the subscription period for H3Os. This means for you that the subscription period of the H3O Token will be delayed. This delay includes the H2O / H3O swap as well.
What does this mean for the offer of H3O under the prospectus?
We have already updated the prospectus with a supplement to the prospectus, which we published on our website under www.hydrominer.org/H3O.
What to do with my H2O in order to swap?
Please hold your H2O in your ERC-20 compatible wallet until we announce that the swap is open. Beforehand we will release a detailed guide how the process will look like and what has to be done from your side.
We will keep you updated! 
Kind Regards
HydroMiner Team