Carbon12: A Cryptocurrency For The Church


Go ye into the world and preach ye the gospel. Thou shall not forsake the gathering of thy brethren. These are the words of our Lord Jesus Christ. Matthew 24:14 says “ And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come”.

As Christians in the Christiandom, our sole aim is to spread the gospel of the kingdom of God to all nations so that all shall hear of the good news about Jesus and the second coming shall be upon us. There have been many efforts by the christian leaders all over the world to ensure the spread of the gospel to the nuke and cranny of the worlds through evangelism missions to rural and urban areas.

Bottlenecks Of Spreading the Gospel

These missions are funded by money raised in the church and it can be argued that nations of the world are not finically equal as Christians in developed countries have the financial strength to preach the gospel such as the case of Reinhard Bonnke Revival in Nigeria that involves donation of cash support to church and sharing of the holy books “Bibles” to individuals and school children. But in some instances, it can be difficult or near impossible to fund Christians gospel missions in some countries due to security issues and poor foreign bank policies affecting international support for the evangelism mission in these countries.

Another argument is that, the gospel of our lord Jesus Christ is yet to be preached in all nations of the world thus delaying the second coming of our lord Jesus Christ. For the Bible says, for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ to be fulfilled, the gospel would have been preached all over the nations of the world which is not yet the case.

For Example, when I was posted to the Nothern part of my country which is a Muslim populated region for a compulsory one year national service, I met a very small boy who to the most shocking scene of my life has never heard of the name “Jesus” before. A very long story but I am not going into that today but just to let us know a lot still has to be done as one big body of Christ to get the gospel across to all nations of the world.

Carbon12 Cryptocurrency As a Solution to Help Spread The Gospel of our Lord Jesus

Even tho we are not of the world and our ways is not the way of the world, the latest technology which is the blockchain technology and its finance product which is the cryptocurrency offers a lot to our aim to spreading the gospel of the kingdom to all nations of the world as it allow for a transaction that is transparent, free of third parties and encourages free flowing cross border money transfer and above all has given our brethren that are technologically inclined to create a digital currency that will promote the oneness of the church of Christ irrespective of race, color or language. Carbon12 provides solutions to the Christians struggles in spreading the good news about Christ to all nations of the world by allowing free flow of money to the bodies of Christ without border restriction and security threat.

What is Carbon12?

Carbon12 is a cryptocurrency for Christians, developed by our technology inclined brethren for the growth, oneness, financial freedom and betterment of the church of Christ. We are the body of Christ here on earth so it makes perfect sense that we have our own currency that will allow us to do greater things for Christ which will involve movement of funds to less privileged regions for the spread of the good news about Christ, His second coming and the gospel of the kingdom. Even the book of Ecclesiastes 10:19 says “money answereth all things’ ‘. Going forward, Carbon12 cryptocurrency will end the growth of the church globally.

Carbon12 is the native currency of the Christian ecosystem leveraging the blockchain technology.


Funding of Church Growth

As mentioned above, carbon12 cryptocurrency will aid in the global growth of the church as it allows easy movement of funds across the border from the financially strong Christian hood to the less privileged regions.

Missionary Works

Carbon12 makes it easy for contributions towards missionary work to be easier, safer and faster. Donations can be made with carbon12 from anywhere around the world

Relief Projects

Many of our brethren in terrorism ravaged nations can easily have access to funds that can be used for relief projects and other humanitarian services.

Faith Based Web3 and DeFi Ventures

A unique use of many opportunities that comes with blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to provide financial support such as grants for good business ideas through the decentralized finance feature that allows circulation of funds without centralized authority. Carbon12 is used to provide Christians with business proposals funds for its execution no matter the color, race or language.

Community Project

When a big idea is on the ground like an international fellowship center project, African Christian society project, rural outreach and church erections, carbon12 provides the perfect opportunity for easy money to execute these community projects.

Tokenomics of Carbon12

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