Meet Shi Mei, our Merchant Ops Intern

At the age of only 21, Shi Mei took a gap-year to gain invaluable work experience. We sat down with her to learn more about this decision, along with all the memories she’s formed while working at ShopBack SG.

Shi Mei and our Mascot, the happy bag!

What is your main responsibility as part of the merchant operations team at ShopBack?

In general, my main role is to ensure that our customers’ Cashback gets tracked correctly and accurately. A lot of people think ShopBack is like an angel, and that we’re giving out free money. In reality, we ensure that we receive commissions from our merchants so that customers will get their Cashback successfully.

What is one accomplishment and one challenge you’ve encountered?

A while back, we had to send out emails to our merchants on a monthly basis. We literally downloaded a report, drafted an email for it, and sent it right off. This was a painful task, especially with a lot of merchants on-board, so I guess my biggest accomplishment was automating that entire process!

My biggest challenge is ensuring that our customers get their Cashback tracked correctly, and experience a smooth journey from our ShopBack page to our merchants’ pages. It’s all about good customer service. Sometimes, it takes time to understand how they encounter a certain error, which may result in not getting their Cashback tracked properly.

What inspired you to take a gap year for an internship?

I was never in a rush to complete a university course. I felt that everything would be a bit too slow: studying economics, learning how to write better, and taking part in a lot of research. At the end of the day, we need the people who can act as the ‘do-er’ on the ground.

I joined ShopBack because I felt that the tech industry has always been innovative and dynamic. You can also scale up a lot faster. Because of my indecision about what to pursue, I decided to take a gap year to experience internships in different sectors i.e. non-profit and tech.

Taking a year off to really know what you want outweighs spending the next four years doing something you’re not really sure is what you want.

What is something unique about being an intern at ShopBack?

The culture. We work hard, and we play even harder. I think it’s ingrained in the culture that we really get work done, and then go have fun as friends afterwards.

Can you share one memorable experience?

Nic and Tim talked about the ‘bring your loved one to work’ day during their #ShopBackSpotlight interview. That was truly a memorable experience for me too.

We spent the entire night setting up for that event without sleep. In order to re-create a school-vibe for our office, we walked around JTC carrying these test-tubes at 4am to pick flowers off the ground!

We were so exhausted by 6am that one intern fell asleep on a yoga ball…it was hilarious.

Any advice for someone looking to do a gap year/ internship?

Just do it.

Some experiences can’t be created in school. You really need that industrial experience to learn more about various sectors, and whether you will be interested to pursue a career in that particular field.

Our interns are driven. They handle various projects to make a meaningful impact on the entire ShopBack team. If this is an opportunity you’d like to pursue, check out our career site at!

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