Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite and Jacques Tati’s Mon Oncle

Oct 18, 2019 · 3 min read

Two villas

There are two villas each on both film. In Mon Oncle, M. Hulot lives in an old crowded villa, while his sister and her husband live in an luxuriously modern villa. M. Hulot’s villa is full of bustle and life, and M. Hulot himself wanders about the stairs in a distractive manner. Couple’s villa with a garden, on the other hand, betrays him constantly. M. Hulot becomes an intruder who travels across the two seperate worlds in such wise.


Mon Oncle starts with a scene where dogs stroll around in a group. We see this in a twisted way in Parasite. Just like the dog’s betrayal in Parasite, M. Hulot’s dog is another intruder to the rich people’s world, left unnoticed. It also creates some interesting moments at a villa.

Parasite and Mon Oncle both use the grawling dog in the opposite direction. In Mon Oncle, a dog in hiding grawls at the fish in M. Hulot’s bag. In Parasite, grawling dog was the unmasker.

Rich kid

As the title, Mon Oncle, implies, M. Hulot is an uncle to Gerard. Living in the world of middle-class extravaganza, Gerard cannot get used to it yet. Distracted, Gerard is mostly sympathetic to M. Hulot. He is definitely out of kilter and needs to be mentally treated in the eyes of M. Hulot’s brother-in-law. Mostly similar, but Da-song in Parasite rarely escapes from the exclusive society of abundance.

Party at the garden

A haphazard flow, a garden party at the villa, a catastrophic consequence. Both Parasite and Mon oncle are driven to them. Comedy sketch with a fish fountain in Mon Oncle reminds us of the squirt gun scene of Parasite. Above all, the parties never led the plot to the grand finale. They let the tragicomic characters lock themselves in the scene.

Hiding and the disclosure

M. Hulot is the one who must sneak on and off to the opposite world, yet fails to clear his tracks. That’s all Ki-taek does in Parasite, isn’t it?

Also this, moonlight stares.


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