#1: IB Day 1

I’ll be honest, I was excited for this. I thought that it would be fun and interesting.

Well, that’s after December and Spring Break. Before, it wasn’t that bad.

Rewind to When I was Happy

The first day of the IB is like any first day of school: excitement of seeing your friends and new people and opening your new notebook to actually try to work hard on your assignments. You’re also pretty psyched for your new “higher level” classes. (Yeah… that fades away real quick.)

Anyway, the first day/week you see everyone in their best clothes and their effort to impress is actually existent then. It’s a great vibe. You actually feel productive and excited.

Fast Forward to When You Can’t Turn Back

Yeah… When you’re in the middle of your IB syllabuses, there’s no turning back. You’re stuck in the deep abyss of IA’s, EE’s, finals, math HL etc. And the best part: everything is due in the same month. It’s as if these people actually want you to fail.

I don’t know what they’re doing but it’s cute.

Sigh. (P.s. Procrastination levels are at its peak around this time)

I’ll show you the clear representation of our lives as IB students who constantly battle procrastination.

Description: the penguin tries to grab the fish, but fails and water draws him back.

The fish is success. The water is procrastination. The penguin is us.

Sucks man.

But sometimes, we do get the fish. Like when you get that math HL question right or when you FINALLY get your code to work or when you get an awesome grade on your test.

And even though we suck at the majority of our activities during our lives, it’s okay. (I think.) Cause, you do have to remember that: