Fiction vs. Non-Fiction : ‘Zodiac’

The easy way to define fiction and non-fiction is based on fact or not. Non-fiction is based on facts which involves real events and real people and fiction is based on imaginary things and imaginary people.

In writing both fiction and non-fiction, there are some different stylistic concepts between the two as format, but ultimately both involve creativity and the act of writing.

For example, the movie ‘Zodiac’ which is based on the documentary will show how the movie version and documentary version has some differences. First of all, one of the Zodiac documentaries, This is the Zodiac speaking starts with the interviews with the real event photographs.

This is the Zodiac Speaking

This documentary is based on a true story with the material they used is ‘recorded’, but not ‘staged’. However, the movie, Zodiac is the written text of the drama which will be realized into the true story on the screen.

According to Chasing the, the only known survivor of the Zodiac attacks, Bryan Hartnell was not in favor of the movie being made. Hartnell changed his mind a little after meeting with director David Fincher.
“It became pretty clear that he didn’t want to do something sensational or inaccurate,” Hartnell said. “He was going to recreate things just the way they happened.” — Interview of Bryan Hartnell
“We can begin to understand characters as tools of story, used in ways to live out the plot, create audience connection and ‘persuade’ them of the story being told.” — Media Writing: A Practical Introduction

In the movie, Kathleen is driving on the highway when a man starts honking his horn and blinking his lights at her so she can pull over. He tells her that he can help her car,but instead of fixing it he removes the parts so the car wouldn’t run. The man tells her that he can give her a ride to a nearby service station.

In real life, the man took her to the Richfield station at Chrisman Road, but it was already closed. According to her interview she made her escape when the man stopped the car at the stop sign and she held her baby tightly and ran across a nearby field where she hid in the shadows so it kind of shows that there is a little difference between them.

Also San Francisco Chronicle newspaper writer, Paul Avery says that the man threatening Kathleen and her baby, and he got of the car with a flashlight after her escape. This is the version of Kathleen’s story that has shown in Robert Graysmith’s bestselling 1986 book Zodiac. However, in Fincher’s 2007 film he didn’t recreate Kathleen’s escape in the movie.

It shows how films can add or change the story for the screenplay’s plot. In the Media Writing it talks about how structure and character are interlocked.

“What is important to remember when constructing a narrative is that the process provides a way of shaping meaning, not merely providing a structure to house one-dimensional facts and figures.” — Screenwriting: Fact/ Media Writing: A Practical Introduction
“Visual style is an important part of genre construction and is used to give a story a particular look or feel.” — Screenwriting: Fiction/ Media writing: A Practical Introduction

This video included: A brief “Fact vs. Fiction” examination of the broadcast about Zodiac case.

Arthur Leigh Allen: Local News + Fact vs. Fiction

The Zodiac killer is identified as a infamous murderer and he is a 91-year-old man living in California. He killed about 37 people and still hasn’t been caught.

It’s a part of literary term for all the difficulties that attempt to separate literature into fact and fiction because it delivers as a useful information to experience the reader is wanting to have in the literature.