PR VS. Journalism : Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

Clinton campaigns in Waterloo, Iowa. (Joe Raedle / Getty)(Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

In spite of Hillary Clinton’s health became a real issue in the presidential campaign on September 11th, Hillary’s 2016 PR campaigns for president heats up continuously. Hillary is on the media news articles, the PR campaigns and book promotion trails also she has a strong relationship with the most popular social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.

Throughout her campaign activities, it will show how public relations and journalism work as two different professions communication methods in a creative way through her social media uses.

During her presidential campaign, Hillary has been working with her PR team to launch a successful campaign. Public relations have to be simple and straightforward so it can make us see the bigger picture of how an organization relates to the other people. But the voters and journalists could not make a connection in her PR video and they were distracted with new negative developments.

You have to tell your story to achieve your public relations and marketing plans, not other people’s stories. There is another PR video of Hillary that The Daily Beast commented it is unclear how the video somehow crossed the line.

“Public relations practice is the discipline which looks after reputation with the aim of earning understanding and support and influencing opinion and behavior.” — Media Writing by Craig Batty

However, Hillary’s speech at the 2016 democratic national convention focused on love and community. She balanced this message with her touching personal story about her parents’ hard childhood so people could relate themselves to her life story.

Hillary Clinton also campaigned for president using a traditional approach to media such as Twitter. Media relations are more focused on the media rather than the individual person or another company.

As long as people have an access to the media account they have an ability to share their message directly with their supporters in real time. In her Twitter posts you can see her news or her opinions of her who presented to the public.

Media relations usually connect with the media world and journalists can provide your client with more information to the public.
What Reporters Really Think of 2016 By POLITICO MAGAZINE May/June 2016

There is a common similarity that you have to watch out for public relations and journalisms. You have to present the stories and information based on facts from guarantee sources because if not, it could damage the reputation easily. Thus, I’m not sure which method is working out for her campaign, but we do know that we have to follow the right strategies to approach the both of methods.