Courgette PickleΒ Recipe

Pickles are one of my favourite foods. They are such a great thing to have in the cupboard to add a bit of something extra special to a meal. They are also good for us & a great way of preserving natures harvest.

We put a jar of pickling spices in our August box which was all about nesting & settling in for winter. Pickling & preserving are great ways to connect with nature, slow down & enjoy the momentβ€Šβ€”β€Švery Hygge!

Pickling is a super easy process. You get something acidic, usually vinegar, add some sugar & water & cover foods with it. SIMPLE!

Here’s a basic recipe which will work for pickling most fruits & vegetables but is especially great for courgettes.

Ingredients: (makes a large jarβ€Šβ€”β€Šlike a mayonnaise jar)

500ml vinegar (any will do but malt vinegar has a very strong flavourβ€Šβ€”β€Šbe warned!)

120g sugar

500g courgettes

2tbsp salt

1 small onion

7–8 sprigs of dill (optional)

2 tbsp pickling spices


Slice the courgettes & onion (2mm thick). Dissolve the salt in a bowl of water & add the sliced veg. Leave for about an hour.

Meanwhile combine the vinegar, sugar & pickling spices in a pan & heat gently until the sugar is dissolved. Leave to cool

To sterilise a jarβ€Šβ€”β€Šbring the kettle to the boil & pour the boiling water into a clean jar. Leave to stand for 10 minutes & empty the water. Put the lid on until you’re ready to use it.

Finally drain the courgettes & onion really well. Put them in the sterilised jar in layers with dill fronds between & cover with the cool pickling liquid.

Seal & leave them in a cool place for a few days before eating. Once opened keep them in the fridge

We included a jar or pickling spices in our box this month but you can use lots of different flavours, herbs, garlic, ginger, exotic things such as lemongrass. All these will add flavour to the vinegar which will impart into your pickles.