What are Hyggeligย colours?

Recently we decided to decorate our living room. We live in a rented house & when we moved in the living room was a sort of dirty lavender colour. I have to say lavender is not my fave colour at the best of times but it also clashed with the lovely tartan carpet & dark wood fireplace. It had to go.

Our house is a lovely late 40s semi with lots of original wood features & some crazy coloured glass windows in a sort of art deco style. We decided we wanted to make the most of them & so set out to look for a colour to compliment the room. Our first idea was a sort of racing green & we got some samples & tried them out but they were not that inspiring. Looking at the colour palettes in the DIY shop we were not really excited by anything. Lots of them look fake, like plastic. Then we came across Lars Contzenโ€™s paints. I canโ€™t imagine we will ever buy Dulux again.

The idea behind his paints is finding the perfect colour. He has travelled all over Europe watching & waiting for the perfect light to capture a colour. They are a revelation, so natural. You can read his story here.

We chose Morning Melon, based on the colour of watermelon skin. It is rich & deep & changes wonderfully in different lights. This colour change has transformed our living room. It is the only thing we changed but we love that room now & spend much more time in there. It is a warm,calm, relaxing space & much more Hyggelig than before. It also looks incredible in candle light.

I think Hygge colours are the colours of nature. We talk a lot about bringing nature inside & using natural materials to adorn our homes like the Danes do. Now we have found a way to incorporate this on to our walls & our house is even more cosy.

in the sunshine our walls are a brightย green
In shadow they are deep &ย dark

Just to say the paint it also natural, no chemicals. It didnโ€™t smell or give me an asthma attack like paint usually does. It also covered in one coat so worked out cheaper than most brands. WIN!

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