The Future of Enterprise Mobility
Rob Tiffany

Really insightful about the long maturing process of corporate IT. I especially like the part of CIOs needing to step out of the operation & maintenance box and become business enablers. Otherwise they will not be able to compete for their own position and resources, when the business units give up on them and start moving into SaaS and cloud.

Also, good points about the scaling problem with mobile access, where a user that used to have one computer, now requires access from maybe five devices.

And then you didn’t even touch on IoT that will come like an earthquake through the legacy systems. The promise of business efficiency might be overturn into a data center “heart failure” situation where everything just gets overloaded. The promise though might be fulfilled if you start your migration into a scalable solution, cloud or whatever, to fulfill the requirements of mobility. Those are the same requirements that come with IoT.