8 Paid iPhone Apps Ready For Free Download : Weekend Roundup

1. Questerium: Sinister Trinity, Collector’s Edition (Full)

Investigate a ruined town and rescue abandoned children in this hair-raising adventure! When a meteor lands in a small town, three lifelong friends — the mayor, a banker and a professor — decide to explore the space rock and conduct a series of experiments. With financing from the banker, the professor constructs a dangerous machine that amplifies the energy emanating from the meteor. Unfortunately, it causes the meteor’s energy to spin out of control and destroy the town. All the plants and animals suffer horrible mutations. The mayor quickly evacuates the citizens but accidentally leaves two children behind. As the investigator, you must now find the lost children, dismantle the machine, bring Professor Gustav to justice and save the town!

● 39 awesome locations to search
● 17 hidden object scenes to explore
● 21 brain-bending mini-games
● 23 achievements to earn
● 15 mutant plants to collect
● Four difficulty modes: casual, normal, hard, pro
● Decorate your orchard with special items
● Game Center Support
● iPhone 6+ Retina Display support


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