Godhuma Biscuits in Telugu || Whole Wheat Sweet Biscuits

Godhuma Pindi Biscuits — How to Make ‘Whole Wheat Sweet Biscuits — Sweets in Telugu — How to Make Easy Wheat flour Biscuits

Godhuma Pindi Biscuits


1.Wheat flour 2 cups
2.Sugar powder 1/2 cup
3.Dalda 1/2 cup
4.Cardamom powder
5.Oil for deep frying
6.Fried cashew nuts


1.Take a bowl add wheat flour,sugar powder,cardamom powder,dalda and mix well with water,prepare a smooth dough.
2.Heat sufficient oil for deep frying.
3.Roll the dough into thick layered chapathi and mould (use any small ring shape mould) into circle shapes,cut into semi circle with a knife.
4.Slowly drop them into hot oil and deep fry till it turns puffy and golden colour.Serve hot.

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