HYMN White Paper

The NFT Theater

One-time shows, every time engagement, lifetime collectibles.

The Purpose of this Paper

This paper provides a high-level introduction to our theater, HYMN.
A blockchain-based platform where meaningful music artists can present their message to the world: creating digital art NFT collections and bridging them with iconic experiences. Today, allow us to inspire you with our vision and mission to engage artists, creators and music lovers in the new decentralized era of fandom. Our ode to now.


HYMN Vision

People need artists to keep believing in a better world.
They are the gateway to our own emotions. They stand for something:
Crafting this world closer together, empowering us to be better.
Sometimes people deserve to be part of a deeper connection:
To have a tribute from their artist;
a hymn.

HYMN Mission

Welcome every meaningful artist in our theater,
Where they present their 1234 HYMN Ambassadors,
To create iconic experiences as part of their legacy,
Engaging a global community of music lovers,
creators and artists.

HYMN Theater

HYMN presents the NFT theater for the new era of fandom. Redefining the relationship between artists, fans, and creators, we bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds.

Introducing a simple format of 1234 HYMN Ambassador NFT’s for every artist, we allow people to own an exclusive digital artwork from their favorite artist, contributing to the creation of iconic experiences. Uniting minds, hearts, and souls across borders, using today’s technology as our vehicle.

This world doesn’t need another platform. It deserves a theater.

Lifetime collectibles — own a piece of history.

Every artist receives just 1234 HYMN Ambassadors, once in their life. The more leading stars and rising talents that join our theater, the more valuable the ambassadors become. These NFTs are at the core of our ecosystem, allowing you to be part of your favorite artist’s journey, whilst contributing to the creation of flagship concerts, original films and digital art. Ambassadors are rewarded with exclusive ownership, iconic experiences and exciting partnerships, elevating your connection with meaningful artists, and creating long term value. Become an Ambassador, be part of their legacy.

HYMN Ambassador Collectible for This Is Me, by Armin van Buuren

One-time shows — capturing flagship concerts to eternalize a message; their ode.

Working with leading artists from across the globe, we create original experiences to remember. Shaping real-life flagship concerts that are a reflection of the moment — an ode to now — and capturing them with high end film production, we create a HYMN. It’s not just a performance, it’s not just a livestream: it’s about capturing a timeless message that empowers artists beyond their own fanbase, sharing their story on a global scale.

Global community — by inspiring creators, with meaningful artists, for music lovers.

Our ambition is to unite people around the world through a shared love of music and creation. Because we believe that music has the power to change the world for the better. Creating, sharing and collecting iconic moments where millions of people become one audience. A meaningful connection. A HYMN culture.


Where we’re going

We’re on an unfolding path to creating the most innovative music experiences possible, whilst building our ecosystem of creators, artists and brands. Our ambition is to welcome every meaningful artist in the HYMN theater, involving our community as an essential part of our journey.
We exist solely because of you.

Our Ambition

To present artists like Billie Eilish,
On our Disney-worthy podium,
Crafting their legacies,
To empower 11 million people.

This roadmap outlines our vision for how HYMN will evolve in 3 phases. It’s possible that this roadmap may evolve and be adapted over time with the contribution of our community.

Phase 1

  • Launch the HYMN discord, laying the foundation for our community of music lovers, inspiring creators and meaningful artists.
  • Launch phase 1 of our blockchain-based platform, presenting our NFT format.
  • Launch the HYMN Founding Lights: building our creator-led community, from digital artists, photographers, show directors, artists to film directors.
  • Drop the first ambassador collection with our first international superstar.

Phase 2

  • The next 11 artists join the HYMN theater with their ambassador collection
  • Present 1 global partnership with a worldwide brand
  • Expand our team with 11 leading advisors for global impact;
    We have already welcomed our first advisor Erik Huggers, former CEO of VEVO
  • Tease the next step of our digital ecosystem
  • Start to implement real-world value; creating concerts, films and tangible products

Phase 3

  • HYMN Tokenomics
  • HYMN Theater 3.0
  • Exponential traction

Our Team, Expertise and Way of Working

With both concert experience and technical knowledge of the world of web3, HYMN offers a unique blend of expertise. We fill the gap between traditional music experiences and new technologies, facilitating new creative avenues for artists, fans and brands alike to connect.

In the lead

  • Thomas de Vrij, Founder & CEO — previously founded Badbirds production company, creating concepts for brands including Tomorrowland, JBL, Martin Garrix.
  • Luc Peters, COO & Legal — former General Counsel at Eyeworks Group (acquired by Warner Bros.) and boardmember of SBS Broadcasting.
  • Simone van Bijsterveldt, CFO — former CFO MediaMonks and Novamedia.
  • Lukasz Lato, CTO — former CTO at Naspers Global platform & Architect of Allegro’s classified platform, supporting over 300M active users.
  • Erik Huggers, Advisor — former CEO of Vevo.

An ode to creation

When it comes to producing our shows and artworks, our creative team is second to none. We work with industry-leading talent including:

  • Harald Dunink (memberful design & HYMN co-founder): Founder Momkai & The Correspondent
  • Bolke Lautier (media producer) — showcase project: Coldplay live in Sao Paulo
  • Daniel J. Ashes (digital artist) — portfolio
  • Louis van Baar (photographer) — Instagram
  • Paul Snijder (renowned web3 artist) — created Don Diablo’s digital concert that sold for $1.2m
  • Sander Reneman (director)
  • Nicolas Caeyers (co-director)- Showreel
  • Matt Askem (film director & creative director for Adele) — U2 Live in Paris
  • James Barnes (film director) — portfolio incl. Dua Lipa, Skrillex
  • Arf & Yes (light design), Showcase project: Givenchy

Together this team has worked with artists including Beyoncé, U2, Ariana Grande, Coldplay, Martin Garrix, Don Diablo, Maluma, Dua Lipa and Swedish House Mafia.

Next to this, we’re selecting industry leaders, top digital creators, and visionary creatives who believe in our mission to join us as our Founding Lights. This group represents the talent at the core of the HYMN ecosystem required to make our ambition a reality. As our founding members, they will be part of our creations. Shaping iconic moments and lifetime collectibles.

Armin van Buuren, shot by Daniel J Ashes for HYMN
Davina Michelle, shot by Daniel J Ashes for HYMN

Founding Principles

HYMN is founded on 7 clear principles. They articulate our commitment to our audiences — from artists and fans to brands, partners, and our own international team.

1. In the power of music, we find our drive to change the world for the better

2. We put our audience first

3. The world doesn’t need another platform. It deserves a theater.

4. Creating meaningful moments for the many, not the few.

5. One-time shows, all-the-time engagement, lifetime collectibles.

6. We treat all that we interact with fairly and with respect.

7. We’re ready to evolve.

Read more about our Founding Principles here.

We believe that music has the power to change the world for the better. Together we create, share and collect iconic moments where millions of people become one audience. We’re incredibly proud to introduce our new, industry-defining NFTs and to start building our international community of leading artists, music lovers and creators.

Thank you for joining our mission

The world doesn’t need another platform.
This world deserves a theater.




HYMN presents the NFT theater for the new era of fandom. One-time shows, lifetime collectibles. Join our Discord: discord.gg/hymn #odetonow

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HYMN presents the NFT theater for the new era of fandom. One-time shows, lifetime collectibles. Join our Discord: discord.gg/hymn #odetonow

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