Tall Radiators For Narrow Alcoves

Many years ago all radiators fell into just a few categories, shapes and sizes. The very old Edwardian radiator was cast iron and shaped like a tall doughnut.

Those could be stand-alone and didn’t rely on being attached to the wall as their weight kept them immobile.

Steel radiators came along and these varied in size but were all plain flat and usually finished in white.

But now if you go online and look at the variety there are thousands to choose from. Apart from looking quite striking the fact that they come in so many shapes and sizes means there’s always room for one no matter how small or awkwardly shaped the room.

Some of the most impressive ones are the vertical designer radiators that fit so well in alcoves or anywhere that is better suited to a tall as opposed to a horizontal part of the wall.

They’re called designer radiators because it seems at last that manufacturers have added style to their products.

This has permitted new house builders and developers of older property the opportunity to bring some highly individual touches to their central heating plans. Indeed, some of these radiators really do look like works of art.

New radiators means that the boiler should also be considered. The old boiler that used to take up so much space in the kitchen or airing cupboard can be removed and a much smaller boiler bought. These new boilers are much more efficient as they re-use hot air that used to disappear out the window.

And they are also so much smaller that some much needed extra space is released in the property. If you think your central heating system needs a complete overhaul then you’ll have some fun choosing different radiators for each room in the house.

Apart from cast iron and steel another popular alloy is aluminium. These may be a little more expensive but they are by far the quickest to heat up. But on the other hand, they cool down faster.

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