The Kids and Scratch

Tomorrow will be my 3rd week of teaching the Scratch program to our group of 8–12 year old students at The Iron Yard. I have never taught anything to anyone before this class but the experience so far has been awesome. I was so nervous when this course started a couple of weeks ago but getting to know the students and them getting to know me helped a lot. I was more confident to stand in class and help students when they needed it without freaking out, lol. I couldn’t believe how well they understood me because I sometimes had trouble gathering my own thoughts. However, everything came together and so far each week has been smooth sailing. I’m hoping tomorrow won’t be any different and that the kids continue to have fun and learn something new that excites them. With that said, I should get ready for bed. Good night all! Here’s a little snippet of my first Scratch game ever created, I called it night pong :)

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