I am doing this practice for six years

We, designers, often hear requests like: “Please, can you make this look beautiful”, “I need you to make our product look great”. When I was an entry-level designer, I was confused because I couldn’t picture what a customer exactly wanted. I wondered what are the things that look great and beautiful?

Through my six years as a designer, which meant being requested to make things beautiful over 6 years, now I understand what those abstract adjectives indicate. Words like beautiful, great, nice, and cool don’t refer to certain styles; rather, they denote the fundamental precondition of all well-designed figures, i.e…

Design Experiment

What I learned from the Personalized fashion design using data visualization project.


The tragedy of mass production

When I was looking for couple iPhone cases on the Internet, I got pissed off at last. There were all easily-created designs, non-meaningful graphics, and graphics that were not related to us at all. Of course, there were some products tried personalization such as putting initials or names, which were easy, simple, and not enough for me.

Creative and functional approaches are winning over consumers’ hearts

Copyright: Louis Vuitton

When it comes to applying technology, the grass is always greener on the other side. New technologies come out every day and we always feel the overwhelming urge to do something. However, new technology is not always the right answer. If technology is not properly applied to the right purpose, it can lead to an unrelatable result and be no more than a passing fad. Consumers will say “Oh, cool” once and then forget about it.

3D garment simulation technology (CLO 3D, Optitiex, Lotta), virtual influencers and models(@lilmiquela, @imma.gram, @noonoouri, @shudu.gram), fashion technology studios (Change of Paradigm), digitized fashion photography…

Comparing a successful and a failed clothing rental service

Image credit: Cody Davis

When I moved to New York, the clothing rental service Rent the Runway caught my eye because we had a similar fashion rental service back in South Korea, Project Anne. But SKT Planet, the South Korean parent company of Project Anne, decided to shut it down last year after two years of operation because they concluded that it is impossible to make a profitable fashion rental service. Naturally, I was curious as to why Rent the Runway became successful. …

I am a designer who is recently moved to the United State. Nowadays, what I am doing is searching for furniture and making a collection by myself. When you buy furniture it is important to make everything look harmonious. You should make sure that everything is going along with one theme.

It would be super great if I have an unlimited budget to buy a whole collection from West elm or Pottery barn. But I am not honestly. And I think there will be some of you same with me. So I thought my collection is worth to share.


Hyoyon Paik

A different type of writer for analysis-loving individuals. As a researcher, I love to dig into the bottom http://hypaik.com/

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