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According to The CMO Survey digital marketing spending has been on a double digit rise ever since 2012 with a healthy 13.2% increase in 2016. In contrast, the investments in traditional marketing have been steadily decreasing.

With more and more marketing money moving from traditional to digital marketing, the need for solid digital strategy and efficient execution has been growing. As a result companies are starting to partner with digital agencies to help them improve their digital presence and grow business online. However, choosing the right agency is not an easy task as on the…

(Orginally posted on HYPE B2B Digital Agency Blog)

There are many less-popular reports in Google Analytics which can reveal actionable insight about your website’s effectiveness and help you improve things like website content, conversion rates and even marketing ROI. Not only that, but some of them can save you money from having to purchase expensive marketing tools. One of those reports is Page Value.

Originally created for ecommerce websites to measure the contribution of each product page to the revenue generated, this powerful feature can be easily adapted to generate insights for almost any type of B2B website which doesn’t…

(Orginally posted on HYPE B2B Digital Agency Blog)

Your website is the storefront of your business. As such, in addition to communicating your offering, it needs to establish the initial sense of credibility and trustworthiness for your company. This is especially valid for business to business companies where the evaluation is much more complex. This complexity is usually created by the fact that the purchase has a higher price tag and the commitment required to adopt the product is much bigger.

Below I have assembled the techniques we have seen work for B2B website. …

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One of the main factors that determines if a person will leave your website without completing the desired actions is friction. Friction is usually caused by the feeling of anxiety the user feels right before they take the next step in their evaluation. This anxiety can be related to uncertainty about the quality of your product/service, unwillingness to disclose valuable personal information, or the amount of effort required to complete an action. After your website’s homepage, forms are the second biggest point of friction for your prospects.

The general rule for website…

(Orginally posted on HYPE B2B Digital Agency Blog)

You website’s homepage is the storefront of your business. If it doesn’t communicate what’s inside in an engaging and clear way, customers will most likely pass it by. We compiled a list of the most common things that are overlooked by businesses when creating their website’s homepage.

1. Not communicating your product value proposition effectively

“To gain several minutes of user attention, you must clearly communicate your value proposition within 10 seconds” ( NN Group)

This is a pretty short window, so you need to quickly help people understand what’s your product and why they should keep browsing your site…

(originaly posted on HYPE B2B Digital Agency Blog)

Nowadays consumers spend over 3 hours a day using their smartphones, and 87% of smartphone owners say that they use a search engine on their smartphone at least once a day ( Nielsen). In addition, Google recently announced that they would deprioritize non-mobile websites in organic mobile search results, since visiting a non-mobile site from a smartphone can deliver poor user experience. Having this in mind, we compiled a list of five important mobile-friendly features your website should have if you want to win mobile users.

1. Responsive Website Design

Your website is not only being…

Not all marketers have the time and resources to go through a full website redesign process. Here are a few simple but proven techniques that you can implement today and optimize your website’s conversion rate.

Call to Action Button Color

This is one of the most important elements of your website. The “Call to Action” button is the button that guides your visitors to the desired business goal, like signing up for a trial, downloading a whitepaper or contacting sales.

There is no real best practice about using a specific color across all sites and businesses. If someone tells you there is, don’t trust them…

In our previous article we told you how simple messages, unique call to action buttons, good headlines, inquiry forms and credibility are going to help you improve your website conversions. As promised, here we present you five more outstanding ways to really be effective.

Natural, easy-to-understand language

No one likes to feel stupid and you should avoid to make your customers feel this way. Best language for your website is the simple one. Forget about the fancy, long and complicated sentences. Think of people when you write and forget about the companies. People are going to read your text, so explain it like…

Conversion rate is the strongest metric for the performance of your business. Conversions are not always a sign for a sale, but they indicate that a person took an action on your website that pushes them closer to the actual purchase. Some examples of conversions might be the number of people who filled out your contact form, subscribed, or purchased your product.

Your content, SEO, social media, advertising and website design should be consistent to achieve good conversions.

Simple message with strong call to action

To start with, when a visitor comes to your website they certainly have some expectations. …

More and more people are browsing on their tablets and phones rather than on their desktop.Nowadays, 60% of the Internet access is made on mobile device and 70 % of the mobile search lead to action within one hour. This all means that making your business presence mobile friendly is going to pay off.

Responsive design came on design stage in 2012 with all its glory and now it is famous as the best way to make mobile users happy.

In simple words, responsive design means that website pages are able to reformat themselves depending on the device they are…

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