How to read Followers & Following graphs on Hype Auditor

To make a conclusion about any influencer you should study the whole report. Hype Auditor’s Audience Quality Score (AQS) helps to evaluate bloggers, but it’s not enough.

Today we will tell you why and how to use the Followers & Following graphs on Hype Auditor reports. Those graphs will help you to detect bloggers who use automated following or buying followers.

How to spot bloggers who are buying followers

Low AQS and even high percentage of mass followers and suspicious accounts among followers don’t mean that the influencer buys them. It means that the audience of the influencer is not quality. If you want to find out who had bought followers use the Followers graph. Graph shows the dynamics of followers growth.

If you see that the graph rapidly goes up, you should study the influencer’s posts carefully. There are 4 main reasons, why the graph could rocket:

  • Influencer started a giveaway, like-time, etc.
  • Influencer had a shoutout from another influencer with a lot of followers
  • Influencer started to promote their post using Instagram Ads. But in this case, influencer won’t get more than 5K followers in one day.
  • Influencer boosted the followers number artificially with bots.

Here are some examples of the graphs with the artificially boosted followers count:

Always double check the influencer’s Instagram account. Don’t judge by the graph only!

How to spot bloggers who are using automated following

Many influencers and social media specialist use tools for automated followings. It’s not an authentic way to increase followers count and it’s against Instagram rules. Accounts who use those tools could be banned. Tools for Instagram automation allow to follow thousands of accounts automatically with a hope that a percentage of the accounts will follow back.

If you want to know if a blogger uses this technique to grow their follower count, use the Following graph.

You don’t need the graph if you see that a blogger follows 2000, 4000 or even 7000 people. He definitely uses automated following. Though, if the follower count is low, for instance just 500, the graph might help.

Here are the examples of the automated following, detected by Hype Auditor:

Good AQS doesn’t mean that the blogger uses only organic methods to grow their follower count. Neither does low AQS mean that the blogger bought followers. Don’t judge too early, always read through the whole report.