“If you’re after the full restaurant experience, this isn’t the place — its a cafe that happens to open late”

My Thai

Thai / Wade Lane

This isn’t my first visit, in fact, I visit My Thai more often than any other eatery in Leeds at the moment. On most days you’ll be faced with a queue out the door after 5.30pm, most likely due to its current high positioning on Trip Advisor (and good food of course) so be prepared to wait 10–15 minutes to sit down.

What I had: Crispy Pork Pad Gra Pow, Pork Dumplings, Spicy Thai Crackers

The dumplings are a good starter, they’re fairly small but they’re tasty and arrive super-quick. This was my first time trying the crispy pork here, which was a bit on the tough side, but still really tasty. Next time I’ll stick with my usual minced pork. If you don’t have a high tolerance to chilli make sure you specify your desired heat level, as most dishes here are HOT (much to my approval). If you haven’t had the pleasure of a fried egg with your Thai food yet, try it, its a game changer. Also make sure you order the prawn crackers with whatever meal you get, they’re essential.


The drinks selection is fairly limited, but they have everything you’d need/expect. Beer-wise they have Thai favourites Singha and Chang. They also have a selection of teas, wines and soft drinks. I’m not a big lager drinker but I’ll normally sink a couple of Singhas on a visit. It’d be nice if they introduced some ales to the mix.


It kinda looks like a log cabin inside, the wooden walls are adorned with what look like old film posters. The theme is basically just Thai culture influenced , as you’d imagine — ‘quaint’ I think would be the word to best describe it.


Normally I hate being packed in next to other people, but its so busy and everyone else is too pre-occupied with eating and chatting its not a place where you’ll feel awkward sat next to someone else. On a busy evening the atmosphere really is great for such a small place.


Its about £12 for 2 starters, a main, and a drink. So yeah. I don’t really need to say much else other than the value for money here is insane.


I love it here. the food is great, its buzzing and the bill is always so cheap you come away feeling like they must have made a mistake. If you’re after the full restaurant experience, this isn’t the place — its a cafe that happens to open late. Go there, eat loads of food and have a good time.


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