An inappropriate interview question

I am looking to move from being self-employed to a full-time job at the moment, and as such I’ve been applying for a bunch of jobs and going to interviews. I recently interview for a job where I was asked to solve and then demonstrate the following logic question:

Two male buddies are an holiday in Thailand where they meet two women who they want to fuck. Both men want to have sex with both women, both women want to have sex with both men. The only problem is they only have two condoms. How can they make sure they all get what they want and everyone is happy without any bodily fluids mixing between any of the involved parties.

My first reaction to hearing this task was shock. Surely they can’t ask this. It’s sexist. It’s racist. Are they looking for me to do the right thing and say how inappropriate this is in an interview setting? Oh no, the other male job candidates are already trying to solve the problem. Are they looking to see if I can play along no matter what and not go on a SJW rant? The one other female candidate is voicing some concerns, she’s a braver woman than I. Her objections are dismissed. If I was interviewing for a British company and they’d ask this question I would walk out the door. Maybe it’s a cultural thing? Maybe this kinda question is ok in Norway? Isn’t Norway supposed to be like the most gender-equal country in the world? Is sex tourism ok? Why did they have to specify that is was Thailand? Why are the men the protagonists? Could they have used a different logic puzzle not involving sex and condoms? What are they testing here anyways? If they just want to see some lateral thinking or creativity could they not have chosen another task?

I spent about 90% thinking about the inappropriateness of the question and what to do about it, and about 10% solving the problem. In the end I did demonstrate how to solve it to the (male) judge, in front of the other candidates, using two cups, my gloves and two pine-cones for props. Hint: it involves putting one glove inside the other for two of the interactions.

What would you do if you got asked this question in a job interview? What should I have done?

Disclaimer: I did not get the job.

Rebel. Wannabe MacGyver. Also @codeclub co founder.

Rebel. Wannabe MacGyver. Also @codeclub co founder.