Decentralized data: for your eyes only

Imagine the EU in 2020, yes it still will be there, it will have its improvements and it will have had some downgrades but the main reason for having this EU structure is to have the ability to work on balancing ethics and economics in favor of our markets and citizens. Data will be available in all kinds of flavours, decisions are supposedly smart. Data Policy Officers (DPO) are working their socks off and the Ethical Officers (EO) have made their introduction within our businesses. Now please bear with me and also imagine you have identified yourself as DPO through a decentralized, privacy-centric, and blockchain-secured identity service.

The next part is the interesting thought we are working on at the moment at Alvis. It is about a fundamental right of every human: privacy, it is about data protection, the ownership of personal data and it is at the same time about building a new foundation of trust towards users and corporate services.

Yes we will facilitate a service to create an verifiable trail of individual or segmented users that are compliant to regulatory obligations. All stored in an immutable, permanent and secure distributed ledger available to corporate clients and governments. The only two things that are stored and available are 1. the results of the risk assessment regarding the compliances verified against users (and based on contracts these users will be rewarded for the lookup) and 2. the type of used models, features and circumstances that are giving the decisions from result in these risk assessment summaries.

The Data Policy Officer can use it in his daily actionable tasks of working within the law and the government can use it any time any moment with simplicity and ease to perform audits. The Ethical Officer can look into the used “predictive” models, features and circumstances that are used for creating segments, clustering and scoring regarding a certain group of users. Ethical compliance is also now guaranteed for the people that are using the connected service or product. 2020 will be good year. Currently we are prototyping plus breaking stuff in our own private ledger and we are happy to give a sneak peek of things to come.

alvis- data policy
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