Massive Strike

So, last night before Sahur, I was walking on my terrace just to get craves for parathas (I live for food! Om Nom Nom Om Om Nom..) . I was playing football too. When I was done, I just decided to kick my ball for the last time, I was holding my cell phone in my right hand, unconsciously I just kicked my ball too hard and it bounced back and then, guess what ? MY CELL PHONE JUST GOT A MASSIVE STRIKE BY MY BELOVED FOOTBALL !! And I was like “What the heck ?! NOOOO MAN !!” That’s so rude, I know. After 2 minutes of complete silence I just broke the ice, I made my cell phone relaxed and made a pinky promise with it that I won’t let it happen again. In short, I JUST RESCUED MY CELL PHONE FROM GETTING SMASHED LAST NIGHT.

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