Leshi: A Jack of All Trades

via soundcloud.com/saylessleshi

Every now & then, there comes an artist that can truly do anything. Producer, rapper, & singer Leshi is a perfect example of these “jack of all trades” artists.

Hailing from Massachusetts, he & his friends Nervexx & Yung Punk gained a small following from their trap-metal trio Valium, which fell under the wing of the Svccvbvs collective. Although the trio’s music took up most of the artists discographies for a while, they have all become more active as solo artists over the last year. I’ve had the pleasure of watching all of them release music for some time, but Leshi stuck out to me recently as I was going back through his SoundCloud page.

Within the snap of a finger he can switch from a garage-punk song about a failed romance to an autotuned rap about sex, drugs, murder, & money, built up by dark 808’s, the latter taking over the more recent releases. It’s impressive how one artist can wear the masks of ten different artists simultaneously, & in the blink of an eye change everything about their music.

Above all else, Leshi is someone who knows what people want. Nothing is more eye-catching than a diverse artist who works well with others. Along with his solo work, he has his fair share of collaborations. Not only does he work with his Valium and Svccvbvs peers, he frequently works with artist Kavon Kut, is one third of the experimental trio [09]-8, & one of the creators of Legion, a large group of artists and creatives.

Whether it be a digicore-esque trap song, distortion heavy ambience, or an aggressive spanish punk song made for a class project, Leshi can truly do it all. Over the next few years, his diversity and willingness to take risks could see him gain substantial following, & a well deserved one.