HyperDragons Go! Fully upgraded exploration mode

New content:


Honor: Earn honor points by upgrading dragons. Gen. 0 dragons earn more honor points.
Honor points are used to open treasure chests.


Prestige: Earn prestige points from opening treasure chests. More advanced chests give more prestige points.
Prestige points are used for Prestige leaderboard.


Chest: Send dragons on exploration to find treasure chests. Higher team power will increase the chance to find more advanced treasure chests.”


New rewards:

Prestige leaderboard:
Regularly receive ONG rewards based on player rankings(Ranking based on total prestige points)
Chest rewards:
Rich in ONG and prestige rewards in all four treasure chests
Consume honor to open the treasure chest and defeat the treasure chest guardian to receive a reward of up to 50 ONG
The Dragon Trainer holds up to 3 treasure chests. When the prestige leaderboard is settled, all unlocked treasure chests will be deleted. The trainer can also delete the treasure chest that he does not want.

Treasure Chests Guards

New enemy:

Treasure Chests Guards have their own unique skills, so be sure to attack them against their weaknesses! Don’t worry if you don’t defeat the treasure chest guardian in one time. Players can repeatedly challenge the guards with expense of food. Don’t forget to manually click the Open button to receive the reward after defeating the guards.